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Pectoral Pad with X-Tension Adjustable Attached

Manufacturer: OPTEC


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Product Overview

  • Must be ordered in addition to Optec TLSO.

  • These models feature adjustable extension control using one allen wrench to adjust both extension and height. Instead of wrestling to manually bend the bar on a typical SPK or PPK, the new SPX and PPX provide you with the ease of a turn of the wrist in making adjustments according to the needs of your patient. The SPX and PPX are both available on all of our TLSO style orthoses. 

  • This version with pectoral pads comes pre-attached to the spinal orthosis for easier adjustments and faster fittings. 

  • Typical Indications for adding an ATE to a prefabricated spinal orthosis: Compression FX, Spinal Stenosis, Kyphosis, Post-Op Spinal Stabilization, Transverse Plane Control


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