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Elan Microprocessor Controlled Foot

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Product Overview

Elan mimics natural muscle resistance and ankle motion by adapting hydraulic resistance levels to optimise stability when standing, on slopes and uneven terrain. This encourages more symmetrical limb loading, faster walking speed and reduced compensatory movements. The ankle pivot point is optimally positioned close to the natural weight line for a more natural response through the gait cycle.

The result is smoother, safer and more natural walking, helping to preserve the body for the long term.


  • Situational Awareness – a network of sensors detect the user’s activity and environment
  • Biomimetic Hydraulic Technology – for more natural and fluid ankle motion
  • Active Resistance Control – microprocessor motor controlled adaptive resistance provides Standing Support, Ramp Brake and Ramp Assist Modes
  • Split toe – for ground compliance on uneven terrain
  • Lightweight, compact design – for improved aesthetics
  • Simplified Software – fast and easy programming
  • Battery life indicator – LED indicates remaining power
  • Even longer battery life – with power saving mode and up to two days usage between charges
  • Low Power Mode – reverts to low resistance levels in low power situations
  • Standing Support Mode -  When no movement is sensed, the hydraulics stiffen to assist with a natural standing posture, providing equal socket pressures

Max. user weight: 125kg (275lbs)
Activity level: 3
Size range: 22cm-30cm
Component weight: 1.2kg (2lbs 10.3oz)
Build height: 170mm sizes 22-26
175mm sizes 27-30
Heel height: 10mm
(component weight shown is for a size 26cm without a footshell)


  • Patient Weight Limit: 275lbs
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Supplier URL:
  • Supplier L Code: L5973
  • Rewards: Yes

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