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Boston Digital Arm Plus System Tan



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Product Overview

The Boston Digital Arm System is a platform for upper-limb prosthetic control. Typically the elbow’s microprocessor controls the elbow as well as other devices of the prosthetic system such as; terminal device(s), wrist rotator and possibly a shoulder joint electric lock for shoulder-level prosthesis. Based on the control strategy planned for the patient, suitable input devices should be selected. These can be a mix of myoelectrodes, Touch Pads™, Linear Transducers and even switches.

The Boston Digital Arm System (BE300) comes complete with the Drive Unit (BE301), Main Circuit Board and Frame (BE305/309), Forearm (BE309), two Batteries (BE360), Battery Charger (BE366), Lamination Collar Assembly (BE306), Input Connector Board (BE304), Cross-Elbow Cable Set (BE390).

The “Plus” version of the Boston Digital Arm System is a recent upgrade that includes the new high-capacity lithiumpolymer battery. This 2000 mAHr, 11V battery generally provides adequate capacity to operate the prosthetic system all day without recharging. The battery also has an on-board voltage regulator designed specifically to accommodate the new multi-articulating prosthetic hands; Bebionic and iLimb Ultra.

  • High-torque prosthetic elbow
  • State-of-the-art digital technology
  • Compatible with all hands, grippers and wrist rotators including iLimb & bebionic
  • Clutch automatically locks/unlocks
  • Dozens of control options
  • Operates with inputs from Myoelectrodes, Touch Pads servo controls, and switches
  • TMR version for Targeted Muscle Reinnervation patients
  • Operates with new patternrecognition technology
  • "Plus" upgrade - new Lithiumpolymer high-capacity battery


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