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DATE: April 1, 2006


Today and in the future, you can order the ORIGINAL ToeOFF® from SPS. Distribution agreements are in place with the current manufacturer of the ToeOff® to assure SPS has full availability of this unique product for all its US customers.

The Original ToeOFF® is a thin, lightweight carbon and Kevlar® reinforced Dynamic Response Gait Rehabilitation Orthosis initially launched in 1997. The product, developed by Dr. Stig Willner and Karl Engdahl has helped tens of thousands of people around the world cope with the footdrop evidenced as a side affect of stroke, multiple sclerosis, polio and other neurological illnesses.

ToeOFF® differs significantly from other products designed for footdrop. The open heel design and anterior approach facilitates a more normal biomechanical chain reaction, reducing stress on proximal joints.

Toe-OFF is designed to absorb force at heel strike and help propel the foot forward, thus achieving a more normal gait. Gait studies demonstrate that when stride comparisons are made between the ToeOFF® orthosis and a conventional drop foot brace, all parameters (cadence, velocity, stride length, and single support time) are more normal when the same patient uses ToeOFF®.

Call SPS Customer Service at 800-767-7776 x 3 to place your order or Molly Taylor at SPS 800-767-7776 x 245 for additional product information.