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DATE: July 5, 2006


Spinomed®, the spinal orthosis for vertebral extension in osteoporosis from Medi is now available directly from SPS.

By activating the back muscles, Spinomed straightens the dorsal spine to decrease the osteoporotic kyphosis. Optimal fitting eases pain of osteoporosis and improves mobility. Indications for use include osteoporotic bone collapse in the thoracic and lumbar spine, junvenile Scheuermann's disease and hyperkyphosis with chronic back pain.

Spinomed is a low profile, lightweight brace with "backpack" styling for easy application. The thoracic area is free of obstruction, while abdominal breathing and shoulder/arm movements are likewise free of restrictions. An evidence based study of Spinomed, published in the American Journal of PM&R in March 2004 demonstrated the following results:

  • Strengthens Back Extensors by 73%
  • Strengthens Abdominal Flexors by 58%
  • Reduces the angle of kyphosis by 11%
  • Reduces body sway by 25%
  • Decreases pain by 38%

Call SPS Customer Service at 800.767.7776 x 3 to learn more about proper sizing and selection of the Spinomed.