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A sophisticated medical device, WalkAide uses advanced sensor technology to analyze the movement of the leg and foot. WalkAide addresses the lack of ankle dorsiflexion secondary to an upper motor neuron lesion. People who have suffered a stroke, spinal cord injury or disease process associated with disruption of the upper motor neuron system may benefit from this technology.

Using sophisticated sensor technology and software, the WalkAide System analyzes the unique movement of the leg and foot in individuals with foot drop. Based on that analysis, WalkAide creates a unique stimulation pattern for walking, then sends appropriate functional electrical stimulation (FES) to the common peroneal nerve as it passes near the head of the fibula. This stimulation activates the muscles that dorsiflex the foot at the appropriate time during the gait cycle, producing a much more natural, efficient and safe pattern of walking.

WalkAide is comfortable, small and discreet, designed for one-handed donning/doffing and easy for most individuals to use. It is applied directly to the leg below the knee and can be worn under most clothing. For additional information see patient benefits.