AK² Kit

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Select from your choice of 2 liners, 1 K2 foot and 1 knee, and products will ship together in one box from SPS inventory! For more product information, click th...
AK² Kit
AK² Kit
Product Overview

Select from your choice of 2 liners, 1 K2 foot and 1 knee, and products will ship together in one box from SPS inventory! For more product information, click the links below.

Included in Kit:

  • 2 Liners - ALPS Extreme Liner or WillowWood Alpha Basic Liner
  • 1 Foot - Choose either College Park Celsus or Trulife Seattle Kinetic Light w/ Pylon
  • 1 Knee - Ossur OFM2 Knee or ST&G L1324 Stance Flexion 5-Bar Mechanical Knee or College Park GFKA 120 Guardian Knee

Foot shell included with all feet.


More About Kit Components

Alpha Basic Liner - Liner Choice 1
(L5679, L5673)

Alpha Basic Liners retrofit with other common liner profiles, giving amputees unfamiliar with Alpha the opportunity to experience its revolutionary comfort. The Alpha Basic Liner is easy to don and doff, gentle on the knee when bending or sitting, and non-constrictive to the residual limb. Alpha Basic Liners are available in locking or cushion, symmetrical, buff fabric and 6mm thickness.

Alps Extreme Liner - Liner Choice 2
(L5679, L5673) 

The Extreme AK Liner offers 80% less vertical stretch than other ALPS gel liners, allowing users to experience more control and stability during increased activity. The AK liner also uses ALPS GripGel, which contains properties that help facilitate the donning process as well as reduce pistoning and bunching behind the knee.

College Park Celsus Foot Foot Choice 1
(L5972, L5986)

220lb Weight Limit (21-24cm)
300lb Weight Limit (25-30cm)

The Celsus uses College Park’s Integrated Spring Technology (iST) in a lower impact design. The foot has an active heel, superior ground contact and natural motion to provide smooth, stable transitions. CPI sock included.

Trulife Seattle Kinetic Light Foot w/ PylonFoot Choice 2
(L5972, L5986)

350lb Weight Limit

This K2 foot includes an integrated multi-axial ankle with attached pylon and proximal male pyramid. The foot shell is a non-removable split toe shell available in Caucasian or Dark Brown.

Ossur Single-Axis Weight-Activated Stance-Control Knee - Knee Choice 1
(L5812, L5845, L5850, L5925)

275lb Weight Limit

The OFM2 knee is 2 knees in 1. The single screw converts between manual lock and friction brake function. The brake releases before un-weighting for a more anatomical gait. Brake also engages at up to 20 degrees of flexion for additional security.

ST&G Stance Flexion 5-Bar Mechanical Manual Locking Knee - Knee Choice 2
L5611, L5845, L5850, L5925

275lb Weight Limit

The L1324 is a polycentric manual locking knee with stance flexion. The stance flexion system forces the geometry into a very stable position at heel contact until the patient rolls over the toe to release the knee into swing. The knee can be flexed in stance while providing stance stability. Knee option includes pyramid adapter for AK patients.

College Park GFKA 120 Guardian KneeKnee Choice 3

L5812, L5845, L5850, L5925

275lb Weight Limit

The Guardian knee is a lightweight mechanical knee joint featuring a friction brake for stance control, stance flexion, and extension assist.

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