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Rheo Knee 3 Kit w/ 5yr Warranty (Includes Service Check at 40mos)




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Product Overview

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RKN130007 is now a discontinued part number, and has been replaced by this part number - RKN130003.

Click HERE for the RHEO 3 Reimbursment Guide.

Now weatherproof, the RHEO KNEE 3 provides the most natural knee function among all microprocessor knees because it continuously adapts to the user and the environment while providing excellent stability and safety.

  • Weatherproof design allows exposure to splashing of water.
  • Advanced actuator and resistance control ensure best possible resistance, e.g. more support in stair descent and minimum effort needed in level ground gait.
  • Effortless swing initiation enables a smoother gait, even in crowds and confined spaces.
  • Smart gait detection, including kinematic sensor technology, ensures stability and dynamic response in every situation.
  • Magnetorheologic technology enables an instant response so that users never have to wait for the knee to catch up with them.
  • Extension lock mechanism, to lock the knee in full extension and increase safety and comfort under specific circumstances.
  • Advanced extension assist mechanism.
  • ÖSSUR LOGIC app offers two levels of experience one for the user and another for the practitioner.

RHEO KNEE Kit Includes:

  • RHEO KNEE 3 Charger
  • Warranty Certificate
  • User Manual
  • Technical Manual
  • Quick Reference Card

RHEO KNEE 3 with Threaded Top Adapter

RHEO KNEE 3 with threaded top adapter is the solution for knee disarticulation amputees and those with long residual limbs.

To order RHEO KNEE 3 with threaded top adapter, order the RHEO KNEE 3 Kit and add Össur's Female Pyramid Insert to the order.


  • Amputation Level: Transfemoral
  • Impact Level: Low To Moderate
  • Maximum Patient Weight: 136kg (300lbs)
  • Build Height: 236mm (9 1/4")
  • Knee Flexion: 120º
  • Aluminum Frame Construction: Yes
  • Weight: 1.63kg (3.59lbs)


  • Patient Weight Limit: 300lbs
  • Supplier URL:
  • Supplier L Code: L5828, L5845, L5848, L5850, L5856, L5925, L5930
  • Rewards: No

Product Warranty:


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