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Product Overview

This product currently has a 3 day lead time.

Fit, Finish and Roll

The DynAdapt™ prosthetic foot is a slim profile, carbon fiber foot system with a slender, anatomic design for easy fit and finish. Its multi-axial function provides maximum comfort and the uninterrupted strands of carbon fiber in the full length heel provide patients with effortless rollover and a more natural gait.

  • Fit and Finish - This slender design results in an ankle that fits the anatomical design of the ankle, thus making the foot easy to cover cosmetically; and easy to fit & finish.
  • Smooth Rollover - Full length attached heel with no bolts or bushings eliminates dead spots and weak structural areas, thus delivering a smooth rollover and comfortable walking with a more natural gait.
  • Enhanced Stability - Split keel and heel design increase ground compliance and improve stability, thus allowing patients to walk with confidence on uneven surfaces or terrain.
  • EnduraCore™ Technology - Proprietary composite-laminate delivers up to 3 times the fatigue life of a standard laminate in a design that also returns high energy. The result is a more durable product that helps to preserve energy so users can do more with confidence.
  • Lightweight - Weighing in at just 380g, the DynAdapt foot is more comfortable and requires less exertion.

Target Users

  • All K3 level users who would benefit from improved stability and comfort.
  • Transtibial and transfemoral; Unilateral and bilateral amputees.

Best All-Around Performance

  • For Users: Combination of smooth rollover function, improved stability, and dynamic response makes DynAdapt the best all-around foot for all K3 users.
  • For Prosthetists: Ideal foot for prosthetists who are looking for a lightweight, durable graphite foot that is easy to cover cosmetically.

Build Height: 170mm (Size 27)
User Weight Rating: 365 lbs. (166kg)
Product Weight: 380g (13.4 oz.) (Size 27, Cat 5 graphite foot, without the footshell)
Stiffness Categories: 9 (low, mod and high impact)
Heel Height: 10mm (3/8″)
Split Toe (inv/ev): Yes
Foot Shell CAP: Upon request
Skin Tones: 3
Attachment Type: Male pyramid
Warranty: 36-months (shell 6 months)


Impact Level Table

Weight (lbs)Weight (lbs)Low ImpactModerate ImpactHigh Impact
100-115 44-52 1 1 2
116-130 53-59 1 2 3
131-150 60-68 2 3 4
151-170 69-77 3 4 5
171-195 78-88 4 5 6
196-220 89-100 5 6 7
221-255 101-116 6 7 8
256-285 117-130 7 8 9
286-325 131-147 8 9 Special Order
326-365 148-166 9 Special Order Special Order

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