Elevate AFO1 FreeFlow

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Elevate AFO1 FreeFlow Elevate AFO1 FreeFlow Elevate AFO1 FreeFlow Elevate AFO1 FreeFlow Elevate AFO1 FreeFlow
Elevate AFO1 FreeFlow
Product Overview

Please Note: Optional Freeflow HelixBand is compatible for use with the Freeflow AFO only.

Experience the simplicity, speed and inventory advantages of the all-sizes-in-one FreeFlow AFO. Made from advanced carbon fiber, this lateral strut orthosis is designed to provide dynamic response throughout the gait cycle. The FreeFlow AFO is fully adjustable, allowing practitioners the flexibility to fit the full range of patient sizes with just one product.

The FreeFlow is to be used exclusively for orthotic fittings of the foot and ankle and is exclusively suitable for contact with healthy and intact skin.

Features and Benefits:

  • All-sizes-in-one design
  • Advanced carbon technology for optimized durability and strength
  • Adjustable posterior calf and lateral strut architecture for maximal patient comfort
  • CoolFlow Liner provided increase breathability
  • BOA® Fit System strap for one-handed donning and doffing

HelixBand Product Overview:

The HelixBand is our comfortable, premium multiplanar solution to our off-the-shelf AFO product line.

The HelixBand is a dual strapping system that attaches to our AFO and is custom fitted to each patient. It dynamically influences the position of the mid foot and calcaneus to control either varus or valgus instability throughout the entire gait cycle. The 1 SKU can be custom fitted to adjust the level of dynamic support in all 3 planes.

Manufactured Suggested Coding: L2270

Hazmat No
Typically in Stock Yes
Rewards Yes
Supplier L Code L1951
Supplier URL www.elevatemovement.com
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