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Guardian Friction Knee


GFKA 120



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The Guardian knee is a lightweight mechanical knee joint featuring a friction brake for stance control, stance flexion, and extension ass...


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Product Overview

The Guardian knee is a lightweight mechanical knee joint featuring a friction brake for stance control, stance flexion, and extension assist. The knee is best suited as a rehabilitation tool for new patients to learn standing and walking during the rehabilitation process, and as a permanent knee for low-impact patients. It provides the prosthetist easy adjustability for patient gait-matching without the need to remove the prosthesis. The Guardian also has a remote lock feature that can be disengaged as the patient progresses to provide the full 145 degrees of anatomical motion.


Installing the remote lock kit allows the Guardian to operate as a single-axis knee joint. The lock kit can easily be disengaged for sitting, then a standing motion locks the knee again without the need to re-pull the lever. The prosthetist can deactivate the remote lock on the knee at any time as the patient’s level of ability grows.


Unlike other friction brake knees on the market, adjustments to the extension assist, brake sensitivity and brake friction can be made without removing the knee, allowing for easy fine-tuning as a patient rehabilitates. All adjustments can be made with a standard 4mm hex key.


The Guardian provides anatomical flexion for a full range of movement to enhance the patient’s quality of life. The knee has a 145 degree range of motion, making it ideal for activities besides walking, such as kneeling and entering or exiting a vehicle. Stance flexion also reduces forces in the residual limb and provides a more natural gait pattern from the first step.


The Guardian knee was designed to provide the user a secure and natural experience during the gait cycle. At initial contact, stance flexion provides shock absorption during the loading response that mimics an anatomical response. During stance phase, when weight is applied, the knee locks in place. The moment weight is released during pre-swing, the lock disengages and extension assist is enabled, helping to swing the prosthesis forward. All three features are easily tunable with a 4mm hex key to perfectly align with the patient’s natural gait.

Material Aluminum
Weight 537g
Weight Limit 275 lbs
Flexion Range 145°
Warranty 2 years


  • Patient Weight Limit: 275lbs
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Supplier URL:
  • Manufacturer Suggested L Code: L5812, L5845, L5850, L5925
  • Rewards: Yes

Product Warranty:

24 Months

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