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Modular Brake Knee Joint with Lock


Supplier: OTTO BOCK


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Targeted support of the therapy processFunctions can be adapted to the individual safety requirementsUncomplicated, reproducible settings...


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Product Overview

  • Targeted support of the therapy process
  • Functions can be adapted to the individual safety requirements
  • Uncomplicated, reproducible settings
  • Functional design
  • Simple prosthesis alignment
  • Suitable for mobility grades 1 and 2
  • Approved for a patient weight up to 125 kg

The 3R93 is designed so that it can function as a locking knee joint with manual release. But it can also be used as a brake knee joint if your patient's mobility increases over time.

Optional locking function

Experience has shown that patients often feel safer with a locked knee joint during the initial standing and walking exercises after the amputation. A pull cable is used to bend the joint for sitting. The locking function can be permanently deactivated by the prosthetist if it is not or no longer required.

Brake action according to the patient requirements

The 3R93 acts as a brake knee joint if the locking function is deactivated. The brake function provides for safety if the joint is loaded in the bending direction. It activates as soon as a load is applied to the heel during the gait cycle and stabilises the prosthesis until ground contact ends at toe lift-off. The brake mechanism locks the joint even if the knee is bent slightly at heel strike. The amount of braking force can be adjusted individually, and returning to a previous setting is also easy.

Adjustable swing phase control

During the subsequent swing phase as the patient walks, the load is removed from the prosthesis and the brake turns off. The prosthetic lower leg first swings back and then forward again. This process is controlled by a built-in spring-loaded mechanism which can be adjusted easily from the outside to match your patient's individual requirements.


  • Patient Weight Limit: 275lbs
  • Age Group: Adult
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  • Supplier L Code: L5812, L5845, L5850, L5925
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