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Aegis Seal-Pro TT

Manufacturer: ESP


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Product Overview

  • The ESP Seal-Pro Liner is the perfect solution for High Vacuum, Standard Suction Socket and Shuttle Lock Applications.
  • The Seal-Pro is made of soft, durable silicone, in Transtibial (Seal-Pro TT) and Transfemoral (Seal-Pro TF) versions.
  • The Seal-Pro liner is available uncovered or with CUSTOMIZED cover length to YOUR specifications.
  • Seal-Pro Transtibial Liners with fabric come standard with proximal 3” uncovered. If custom fabric is desired, please provide description at time of order.
  • High Vacuum Sockets
  • Standard Suction Sockets
  • Patients Requiring Extra Proximal Circumferential Stretch
  • Shuttle Lock Suspension
  • ALL Activity Levels / K1-K4
Clinical Application

  • Customized Outer Fabric Length
  • Non-Locking Version Available With or Without Fabric
  • Cost Effective
  • Soft and Durable Pure Silicone
  • 4mm Thick Silicone (6mm throughout in Covered Area)
  • Locking & Non-Locking Available (Flexible Shuttle Umbrella in Locking)
  • Transtibial Version Pre-Flexed at 45° for Comfort and Unrestricted Range of Motion


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