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Q4 2019 Promotions

Promotions below may be combined unless otherwise stated.


Receive a Bose Bluetooth speaker with the purchase of a qualifying microprocessor product (view pdf).

Qualifying Products:
Blatchford (Endolite) Linx | Blatchford (Endolite) Orion3 | Blatchford (Endolite) Elan | Freedom Plie | Nabtesco Allux | Ossur RHEO | Ossur Proprio

valid through December 31, 2019

*This promotion does not take into account any specific patient or patient medical necessity requirements. Invoices will show a charge for the speaker, however the product invoice amount will be reduced by the cost of the speaker.


Kick Off to Savings (view pdf)

Receive $500 off Linx purchase | Receive $300 off Orion3 purchase | Receive $250 off Elan purchase

valid through December 31, 2019

Freedom Innovations:  Plie 3 Promo

Q4 Promotions (view pdf)

Receive $500 off Plie 3 knee and half off the list price of Kinterra or Maverick Xtreme feet OR $500 off all other K3 Freedom Feet.

valid through December 31, 2019

*Knee and qualifying foot must ship together from the supplier. Please choose the appropriate ship method from the supplier.

Freedom Innovations: Kintrol K2 Foot Promo

Q4 Promotions (view pdf)

Receive a free footshell with Kintrol purchase.

valid through December 31, 2019


Purchase select ALPS Liners and receive your choice of sleeve at a discounted rate*.

Eligible Cushion Liners: General Purpose Cushion (GPFR), Easyliner Fabric Reinforced (ELFR), Easyliner Super Stretch (ELPX), Proximal Seal Interface Liner (PSI), Extreme Cushion (AKFR/AKFRHD), Superior Performance (SPFR/SPFRHD), Anterior Posterior Tapered Cushion (APFR), ECO Cushion (ECFRHD), Guardian Suction Cushion (GLAK/GLBK/GLAKHD/GLBKHD)
Eligible Locking Liners: General Purpose Locking (GPDT), Easyliner Locking (ELDT), Extreme Locking (AKDT/AKDTHD), Superior Performance (SPDT/SPDTHD), EZ Flex Locking (EZF), Anterior Posterior Tapered Locking (APDT), ECO Locking (ECDTHD)

*CONDITIONS: Sleeves MUST be purchased at the same time as a liner purchase. Please mention promotional Sleeve Promo 818 when placing an order..