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SPS Promotions

Promotions below may be combined unless otherwise stated.


Discounted VIP Receive a discounted ALPS VIP (VIP-DH or VIP-DL) with any ALPS Liner purchase.
*VIP must be purchased at the same time as the liner purchase. Please mention “PROMOVIP” when placing an order.


New Offer Purchase select ALPS Liners and receive your choice of sleeve at a discounted rate*.

Eligible Cushion Liners: General Purpose Cushion (GPFR), Easyliner Fabric Reinforced (ELFR), Easyliner Super Stretch (ELPX), Proximal Seal Interface Liner (PSI), Extreme Cushion (AKFR/AKFRHD), Superior Performance (SPFR/SPFRHD), Anterior Posterior Tapered Cushion (APFR), ECO Cushion (ECFRHD), Guardian Suction Cushion (GLAK/GLBK/GLAKHD/GLBKHD)

Eligible Locking Liners: General Purpose Locking (GPDT), Easyliner Locking (ELDT), Extreme Locking (AKDT/AKDTHD), Superior Performance (SPDT/SPDTHD), EZ Flex Locking (EZF), Anterior Posterior Tapered Locking (APDT), ECO Locking (ECDTHD)

*CONDITIONS: Sleeves MUST be purchased at the same time as a liner purchase. Please mention promotional Sleeve Promo 818 when placing an order..


Purchase a Kintrol or Maverick Comfort AT and receive the foot shell at no charge.

*valid through March 31, 2021

Proteor USA:

Purchase a Plié® 3 Knee and receive $500 OFF the Knee and $500 OFF one of the following Feet:
Freedom Kinterra™
Freedom Agilix®

Valid through March 31, 2021. *Knee and Foot must be purchased at the same time