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High quality silicone lubricant works for many applicationsLubricant eliminates rubber squeaks and prevents stickingFormula contains no p...


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Product Overview

  • High quality silicone lubricant works for many applications
  • Lubricant eliminates rubber squeaks and prevents sticking
  • Formula contains no petroleum oils to stain fabrics
  • Cold hardy formula will not freeze at -28°F
  • Heat resistant formula will not degrade at 350°F

3M™ Silicone Lubricant eliminates rubber squeaks, prevents sticking and seals out moisture. Our lubricant contains no petroleum oils to stain fabrics. Formulated for extreme conditions, it will not freeze at -28°F nor degrade at 350°F. Silicone lubricant is available in both wet and dry formulas.

One Lubricant for Many Applications
3M™ Silicone Lubricant delivers the versatility to work in many applications. Use our product for lubricating moving parts; eliminating squeaks caused by friction; protecting against rust and corrosion 

Resists the Extremes of Hot and Cold
Our silicone lubricant handles the extremes of temperature ranges, making it a perfect choice for automotive applications where conditions can be harsh. The lubricant resists freezing down to -28°F and will not degrade at temperatures as high as 350°F. You can rely on our lubricant delivering high performance in frigid cold days of winter and blistering hot days of summer. 

Directions for Use:

  • Turn spray tip so opening points to dot on rim of can.
  • Hold can upright and push actuator on top of can all the way down to apply a uniform spray. Position the actuator away from your face before spraying.
  • If using the extension tube, insert it in to the actuator using a twisting motion.
  • Best results are obtained when material is at room temperature. Higher temperatures increase the pressure in the can, and lower temperatures reduce the pressure.
  • Hold can 8" to 10" from surface to be sprayed. Apply evenly and use sparingly.
  • For hard to reach or small surfaces, use the extension tube.
  • On rubber, leather, and vinyl; apply and wipe with a cloth.


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