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Product Overview

World’s First Load-Activated Foot

The THRIVE prosthetic foot is the world’s first load-activated carbon fiber prosthetic foot designed to accommodate added weight when lifting or carrying heavy objects. THRIVE provides support for variable weight when it’s needed – resulting in a dynamic foot that feels the same regardless of load.

  • Dual-Keel Design - THRIVE utilizes a synergistic, dual-keel design incorporating a full-length primary keel and a secondary, load-activated keel. When an additional load (up to 30% of the user’s body weight) is sensed, THRIVE’s primary keel progressively comes into contact with the upper keel, providing incremental support. This ensures consistent performance, and ultimately greater confidence among users.
  • Self-Activating Response to Varied Loads - Users are free to carry on with their activities with confidence and without a second thought.
  • Advanced Shock Absorption - 11 mm of shock absorption increases comfort and residual limb health by managing forces that would otherwise be directed to the socket and knee joint.
  • Exceptional Ground Compliance - Split toe construction with +/-15 degrees of inversion and eversion creates multi-axial ground compliance to provide dynamic control and stability on irregular surfaces.
  • Outstanding Durability and Reliability - Strong, carbon fiber construction and a hardy wear surface between the dual keels make THRIVE ideal for demanding users.

Sizes: 22-31cm (Sandal toe option available sizes 22-28cm)
User Weight Rating: 365 lbs. (166kg)
Stiffness Categories: 1-9
Connector: Male pyramid
Heel Height: 3/8" (10mm)
Part Number: FS5
Warranty: 36 months


Product Warranty:


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