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Maverick Xtreme AT

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Product Overview

Freedom Maverick Xtreme AT offers extreme durability, flexibility and shock absorption that exceeds the highest demand activities and terrains. The split toe design of the Maverick Xtreme AT provides stability in uneven terrrains.

  • Split Keel design - To provide better stability and ground compliance on uneven terrains
  • Available in Sandal Toe and Regular Toe - To accommodate variety of lifestyles
  • Glass Composite material - Amputees will be able to engage in high impact activities on varying terrains and environments without being concerned about breakage, delamination, or corrosion.
  • Lightweight compared to competitive products - Reduced energy expenditure during gait.
  • 60% more energy return vs competition - Minimize asymmetries in gait by utilizing elastic energy storage and return in order to provide body support, forward propulsion and swing initiation.
  • Softer Heel Stiffness - Softer, more natural feel with increased shock absorption leading to less stress on other parts of the body.

Sizes: 23 – 30 cm
Sandal Toe Sizes: 23 – 28 cm
User Weight Rating: up to 365 lbs (166 kg)
Stiffness Categories: 1 – 9
Build Height: 6.9” / 175mm (size 26 cm, category 4)
Product Weight: 1.59 lbs / 720 g (size 26 cm, category 4, including foot shell)
Toe Option: Regular and Sandal
Foot Shell Skin Tones: Light, Medium, Dark
Warranty: Foot Module 36 months – Cosmetic foot shell 6 months


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