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Recognizing Microaggressions: The Impact in the Workplace
Defining You: Building & Marketing Your Personal Brand
Finding Your Best Approach: Advancing your career and achieving work/life effectiveness


•  Supply Chain Optimization Update with Kate Means
•  Supply Chain Optimization
•  Discussion on Backorders and Manufacturer Supply Chain Challenges
•  Interview with VP of Operations Coleson Chase
•  Interview with FabCo's Nick Gambill and Amputee Associate's Zach Weber
•   Interview with Blatchford VP Ben Auzenne
•  Interview with Hanger President and CEO Vinit Asar
•  Interview with Fillauer President, Traci Dralle 
•  Interview with Snell P&O President, Frank Snell
•  Interview with VP of Procurement Eric Craig
•  The CARES Act and What It Means for Your O&P Business
•  COVID-19 Update and CMS Changes


OASIS 1: Retrospective Analysis of Four Different Microprocessor Knee Types

The IMPACT Study: Impact of Time to Receipt of Prosthesis on Total Healthcare Costs 12 Months Post-amputation
The IMPACT Study 2: The Role of Earlier Receipt of Lower Limb Prosthesis on Emergency Department Utilization

Mobility Analysis of AmpuTees (MAAT) 1: Quality of life and satisfaction are strongly related to mobility for patients with a lower limb prosthesis
Mobility Analysis of AmpuTees (MAAT) 2: Comorbidities and Mobility in Lower Limb Prosthesis Users
Mobility Analysis of AmpuTees (MAAT) 3: Observational study on comorbid health reveals improved function for above-knee prosthesis users with microprocessor knee technology
Mobility Analysis of AmpuTees (MAAT) 4: Classification tree analysis for probability of lower limb prosthesis user functional potential
Mobility Analysis of AmpuTees (MAAT) 5: Impact of five common prosthetic ankle-foot categories for individuals with diabetic/dysvascular amputation
Mobility Analysis of AmpuTees (MAAT) 6: Mobility, Satisfaction, and Quality of Life among Long-Term Dysvascular/Diabetic Prosthesis Users—Results of a Cross-Sectional Analysis

OASIS 2: Mobility Differences with Specific Prosthetic Feet Across Procedure Codes


•  Correct Coding and Billing of Halo Procedure
•  2019 Connecticut General Statutes
•  Articulating Digit(s) and Prosthetic Hands - Correct Coding - Revised
•  Prosthetic Feet and Additions to Lower Limb Extremity Prostheses – Correct Coding and Coding Verification Review Requirement
•  Lower Limb Prostheses - Policy Article
•  Code Verification Review Requirement for Articulating Digit(s) and Prosthetic Hands – Revised
•  Local Coverage Determination (LCD): Lower Limb Prostheses (L33787)
•  Local Coverage Article: Lower Limb Prostheses - Policy Article (A52496)
•  DME MAC - Noridian (JA and JD) Healthcare Solutions
•  DME MAC - CGS (JB and JC) A Celerian Group Company
•  Standard documentation requirements for all claims submitted to DME MACS
•  Palmetto GA website which allows you to search DMEPOS product classification list
•  AOPA’s helpful “Coding Issues” page
•  MyoPro® (Myomo, Inc.) Assist Device - Correct Coding - Revised (Date: 2-3-2021)
•  Correct use of Not Otherwise Specified L-codes for Orthoses and Prostheses - Billing Reminder (Date: 1-14-2021)
•  PDAC Coding Guidelines for Off-the-Shelf Diabetic Shoes (A5500) (Date: 12-9-2020)
•  Billing of Powered L-Coded Items - Correct Coding - Revised (Date: 11-19-2020)
•  Incorrect Use of HCPCS Codes for Custom Fit Orthotics (Date: 11-19-2020)
•  L1005 - Tension Based Scoliosis Orthosis and Accessory Pads, Includes Fitting and Adjustment - Correct Coding (Date: 11-19-2020)
•  L1690 Prefabricated Bilateral Lumbo-sacral Hip Orthosis - Correct Coding (Date: 11-19-2020)
•  Ankle-Foot Orthoses - Arizona-Type - Correct Coding - Revised (Date: 10-27-2020)
•  L1686 Prefabricated Hip Abduction Orthosis - Correct Coding (Date: 9-21-2020)
•  Scoliosis Brace - Correct Coding (Date: 7-28-2020)
•  Incorrect Use of HCPCS Code A9279 - Correct Coding (Date: 6-12-2020)
•  L3960 - Coding Verification Review Requirement (Date: 3-24-2020)
•  2020 HCPCS Code Annual Update - Correct Coding - Revised (Date: 2-25-2020)