2024 Promotions


Order a sheet of 1/8" Microcel Puff® 35A in blue or black, 1/8" P-Cell® in pink, 1/8" Plastazote® in Pink, or 3/16" Bilam (P-Cell®+ Echocel®) to receive one case of QuikStrips™ in the same material at no charge.

*Limit one sample per customer/location. Promotional QuikStrip® product is not returnable for a refund.

Valid: January 23 – February 28, 2024


PROMO #1: Purchase any ALPS Liner and receive a sleeve at a discounted rate!

PROMO #2: Receive a VIP for $125.00 with purchase of any ALPS Liner.

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PROMO #3: Purchase an ALPS ProFit or SoftSil Liner and receive a 50% discount on an RFX Sleeve.

*Both liner and sleeve must be on the same order. Must purchase one ALPS ProFit or SoftSil Liner to receive discount on one RFX sleeve.

Valid: January 23 - April 30, 2024


PROMO #1: Receive 20% off the purchase of Fabtech ContexGel Liners.

Valid: January 20 - April 30, 2024

PROMO #2: Purchase one Fabtech ContexGel Sleeve and get one free.

*Both sleeves must be on the same order. Complimentary sleeve must be the same color and size.

Valid: January 20 - April 30, 2024


PROMO #1: Clinics will receive an iPad from Steeper USA upon their first Espire Pro or Hybrid purchase.

Espire Elbow Pro

Espire Elbow Hybrid

PROMO #2: Receive a newly reinforced SteeperUSA Elegance Plus Glove ($350 value) when you purchase a Myo Kinisi myoelectric hand.

*Both the glove and the hand must be on the same order. Limit 1 glove per purchase. Excludes any other SteeperUSA Silicone or PVC gloves.

Valid: January 29 - March 31, 2024


Purchase a UniReliever OA Knee Brace and receive an additional 15% discount.

*No other OA solutions included in this product promotion.

Valid: January 25 – April 1, 2024


Purchase a Seattle Skride and Receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

*Gift cards will be emailed 70 days after purchase date. Returns within 70 days after purchase date are not eligible for a gift card.

Valid: January 12 – April 30, 2024


Receive 25% off WillowWood TruSeal Liners.

Valid: until December 31, 2024