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SPS University provides on-demand learning for O&P professionals. Designed by the SPS clinical services team, courses include comparative overviews of O&P devices, fitting and programming tutorials, and evidence-based clinical findings.

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SPS University Courses

Prosthetic Courses offered:

Blatchford Elan and ElanIC (1.5 CEUs Scientific)

LegWorks All-Terrain Knee (1.5 CEUs Scientific)

Mechanical Hydraulic Ankle Feet (1.5 CEUs Scientific)

Microprocessor Knee Overview (2.75 CEUs Scientific)

Trulife: The Evolution of Breast Prosthesis - Primitive to Custom (.5 CEU Business, 1.5 CEUs Scientific)

Orthotic Courses offered:

Carbon Fiber AFOs (1.5 CEUs Scientific)

Elevate Dynamics Innovative Carbon Fiber AFO (1.0 CEU Scientific)

Evidence-Based Clinical Solutions for Knee OA (1.25 CEUs Scientific)

Halo Orthosis Immobilization Part I CEU Course (1.5 CEUs Scientific)

Stance Control KAFOs (1.5 CEUs Scientific)

Talarmade’s HeadUp Collar (1.0 CEU Cat 1 Scientific)

WalkAide Functional Electrical Stimulation (1.5 CEUs Scientific)

WalkAide Software & Programming (1.5 CEUs Scientific)

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Business Course offered:

Digital Marketing Tools & Strategies for Promoting Your O&P Clinic (1.0 CEU Business)

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