About WalkAnalyst 5.1.0

The WalkAnalyst 5.1.0 combines powerful analytical features with intuitive programming to help make WalkAide fitting and programming easy and efficient for you and your patients. It is specially designed to help you attain good clinical outcomes with the WalkAide, whether you're a WalkAide "expert" or you use the technology less frequently. The WalkAnalyst 5.1.0 offers several user-friendly features and options:

  • Express Adult & Express Pediatric programming allow for faster patient fitting.
  • One click changes from to tilt to hand or heel stimulation modes.
  • Easily adjust, transfer or recover programs.
  • Collect objective measures during 10 Meter and 6 Minute Walk Tests.
  • Use with Windows 7, 8 or 10 as well as tablets with touch screen capabilities.


WalkAnalyst 5.1.0: Download here. (Note: If you're upgrading WalkAnalyst, please backup your old patient data before installation) Please upgrade your current devices so you can take advantage of the newest software and the easier and faster programming.WalkAnalyst 4.2: Download here. This version is for Windows 7 and 8 and netbooks or laptops running Windows 7 and 8.
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Pre-Screening & Clinical Evaluation
Fitting Process
Pediatric Fitting Process
System and WalkAnalyst Setup
Rapid+ Data Collection and Programming
Rapid+ Data Collection and Programming - Bilateral
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WalkAide/Pace XL Overview
WalkAide/Pace XL Electrode Placement
WalkAide/Pace XL Cuff Fitting
WalkAide/Pace XL WalkAnalyst

CEU Courses

WalkAide Functional Electrical Stimulation
WalkAide Software and Programming


WalkAide Setup
WalkAide Evaluation Form
The WalkAide System Clinician Manual
WalkAide Electrode Placement and Programming Techniques
Letter of Medical Necessity Template
WalkAide Pairing on Windows 10
WalkAnalyst Installation on Windows 10
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