Motion SLX K3 Foot

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Please note there is NO trial period for this foot and is not returnable due to patient rejection.

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Motion SLX K3 Foot
Motion SLX K3 Foot Motion SLX K3 Foot Motion SLX K3 Foot
Product Overview

Unpacked: Unboxing the Fillauer Motion Foot SLX


    The Motion Foot SLX allows for 13° of plantarflexion and 3° of dorsiflexion in a foot that’s lightweight, low build height, and more durable than ever, providing compliance and confidence on slopes and uneven terrain.

    The range of motion provides stability in early stance, particularly for transfemoral users, and the dorsiflexion stop allows for an energy storage and initiation of a ground reaction force that stabilizes the knee from mid-stance to terminal stance.

    The SLX hydraulic unit has individual plantarflexion and dorsiflexion adjustments for smooth motion throughout the gait cycle.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Hydraulic Motion with Less Weight
    • Stable and Smooth
    • Dialed-in Response
    • Waterproof
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