Voyager Endo IP K3 - K4 Foot

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Voyager Endo IP K3 - K4 Foot
Voyager Endo IP K3 - K4 Foot Voyager Endo IP K3 - K4 Foot Voyager Endo IP K3 - K4 Foot Voyager Endo IP K3 - K4 Foot
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Voyager Foot Overview and Features:

SPS Quick Tip: Voyager Foot Torsion Setting

The Voyager was designed to achieve ultimate comfort and rotation for any journey. With vertical shock absorption, responsive springs, and built-in torsion, this high-performance foot can feel more natural to the user. Its superior range of motion accommodates varying activity levels. The sleek Voyager uses a hybrid material approach—blending flexible Intelliweave® composites with durable carbon fiber to maximize function.

The Voyager’s design embraces the best of both worlds. The upper spring is composed of College Park’s Intelliweave composite technology. These fibers are woven by hand in a 3D pattern for ultimate flexibility and strength. The carbon fiber base spring enhances function by providing a dynamic response and increased energy return. The Voyager’s material fusion makes it responsive and reliable during a wide range of activities

Made of titanium and stainless steel, the Voyager’s adjustable, built-in torsion adapter offers ±20° of internal and external rotation. Users can twist with ease, which may improve comfort for walking or high-impact sports. This smooth movement can help reduce forces to a patient’s socket and residual limb. With simple 4mm adjustments, the Voyager’s unique torsion feature offers additional energy return.

Comfort is key. The Voyager allows for up to 10mm of vertical shock absorption, which can reduce impact and pressure on the body. Its vertical compliance does not affect function during normal use.

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Age Group Adult
Patient Weight Limit 275lbs
Rewards 3% Rewards
Supplier L Code L5984, L5987
Product Warranty: 36 Months
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